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Anti-virus maker McAfee hiding in GUATEMALA CITY

Wow and I thought Mcafee software already had enough problems. Now this.

GUATEMALA CITY (Reuters) – U.S. anti-virus software guru John McAfee, who is on the run from police in Belize seeking to question him in a murder probe, has crossed into Guatemala and said on Tuesday he will seek political asylum there.

McAfee has been in hiding for three weeks since police in Belize said they wanted to question him as “a person of interest” about the murder of fellow American Gregory Faull, with whom McAfee had quarreled.

McAfee smuggled himself and his girlfriend, Samantha, across the porous land border that Belize shares with Guatemala. He stayed at a hotel in a national park before heading for Guatemala City on Monday evening.

“I have no plans much for the future now. The reason I chose Guatemala is two-fold,” McAfee told Reuters by telephone from Guatemala’s Supreme Court, flanked by his lawyer, former attorney general and lawyer Telesforo Guerra.


Would you eat from robot cooks?

I think over coming years we’ll see more and more robots doing everyday tasks. Would you eat from a robotic chef?

FBI Warns of Malware Targeting Android Phones

The FBI‘s Internet Crime Complaint Center is warning smartphone users of malware that targets Android operating systems.

“Loozfon” and “FinFisher” are the latest known versions of this type of malware, according to the IC3, which investigates Internet-related criminal complaints. The organization is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Nation White Collar Crime Center.

The malware lures victims in different ways. One advertises itself as a “work at home” opportunity that promises a lucrative payday just for sending out email; an attached link then leads to a website that spreads Loozon to its target, IC3 says in a release.

“The malicious application steals contact details from the user’s address book and the infected device’s phone number.

3D Printing

3D Printing

3D Printing is really taking off. From personal action figures, printed body organs or just the plastic part you need for that broken gadget. “It builds it up layer by layer,” explained Dave Morris, founder of 3D Camp Houston. “And as each layer is printed, it starts to dry. And then the next layer is printed and it adheres to it.”

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3D printing is already being used in the medical field, to “print” customized body braces for patients. And that’s just the beginning.

“Someday, we’ll be wheeled into the operating room,” said 3D Camp Houston Vice Chair Bridgette Mongeon. “And they’ll print a kidney in us, of our own biomass, which is kind of freaky when you think about it. It’s almost Frankenstein-ian.”

Read more: http://www.myfoxhouston.com/story/19671318/2012/09/28/pushing-the-limits-of-3d-technology#ixzz2833qwhuA

Wireless power smartphones and laptops coming out by Intel



Intel has said it’ll start shipping laptops and smartphones that can share power wirelessly towards the end of next year.

The system will see laptops and smartphones sharing power with an integrated transmitter and receiver chipset from semiconductor designers Integrated Device Technology (IDT). Intel says it’ll begin building the tech into ultrabooks, smartphones, and standalone chargers by the middle of next year, which should mean a full commercial rollout in 2014.

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Emergency Java update 9/1/2012

Test your Java using this link
Oracle has released a new version of Java to address the serious security flaws that attackers have been exploiting all week.

Users are encouraged to immediately apply the latest Java update to close the zero-day vulnerabilities in the Java Runtime Environment, Oracle said in its advisory on Thursday.

If exploited, these security holes allow attackers to download and execute arbitrary code on victim computers. Researchers have identified two flaws in JRE 1.7 which attackers were chaining together to push the Poison Ivy Remote Access Tool (RAT) onto victims.

The out-of-band Security Alert CVE-2012-4681 includes fixes for “three distinct but related vulnerabilities and one security-in-depth issue” affecting Java running within the browser, said Eric Maurice, director of Oracle software security assurance, in a blog post on Thursday. “


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Ipad telepresence robot wheels

Okay I thought this was a novelty at first. But I could see this being used a lot at the work place. Even at home to check in on things.

Double Robotics’ Double wants to get your iPad out of the house and into the office, or classroom, or factory floor —anywhere, really. The $2,499 telepresence robot uses a pair of iPads: one sits in the self-balancing base, the other serves as a remote control. Double Robotics’ app will let you control the robot — rolling it about and adjusting its height — while the iPads’ front-facing cameras stream everything the robot sees, and allow you to interact with passersby. Telepresence robots aren’t new — we met iRobot’s iPad-controlled Ava prototype at CES, and Anybots has been selling their $10,000 QB robot for years — but the Double is competitively priced with shipments set to begin in December. If you pre-order now you’ll pay a discounted price of $1,999 — iPads not included.


Google’s self-driving cars are safer than a us

Okay this car doesn’t forget to use it’s turn signal 50% of the time. It’s not text or flipping through the radio. It might be on the phone, but you won’t be annoyed by erratic driving. After 300,000 miles there have only been two accidents. Both human error.  Google has been lobbying for new laws to allow robot cars to drive us around. I can’t wait.

Chris Urmson, engineering lead on the project, said in a blog post:

We’re encouraged by this progress, but there’s still a long road ahead. To provide the best experience we can, we’ll need to master snow-covered roadways, interpret temporary construction signals and handle other tricky situations that many drivers encounter. As a next step, members of the self-driving car team will soon start using the cars solo (rather than in pairs), for things like commuting to work. This is an important milestone, as it brings this technology one step closer to every commuter. One day, we hope this capability will enable people to be more productive in their cars. For now, our team members will remain in the driver’s seats and will take back control if needed.

via CNET

Verizon Settlement and Free Tethering

Last week, the FCC ruled that Verizon Wireless can’t keep its customers from downloading tethering apps, or apps that let you share your phone’s internet connection like a hotspot with other devices. It’s great news, but does it actually affect you, even if you’re not a Verizon Wireless customer? Let’s take a look.  Continue reading